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Welcome to International Yoga Festival!

     Puducherry-the spiritual land where many Siddha and Saints attained salvation.

     In this beautiful and peaceful spiritual land, many research works were done on yoga and two Yoga Institutions of world fame are functioning.

     The Government of Puducherry has been conducting the International Yoga Festival since 1993. After seeing the response and enthusiasm shown by the participants from all over the world and from India, the Government of Puducherry has decided to conduct the festival regularly every year.

     The Yoga Festival for the year 2007 will be conducted from 4.1.2007 to 7.1.2007 at Puducherry. The final round of Yogasana Excellence Demonstration will be held on 7.1.2007 forenoon and valedictory function will be held the same evening.

     The programme consists of practical Yogasana classes every morning and discussions on various topics on Yoga. The Yogasana competition will also be held on all days of the festival.

     The festival aims at the development of the conscious process at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and completeness in every aspects of life.


* Morning starts with meditation, dhyanas and  yogasana practices in the     
* Presentation of papers, discussion and workshop on Yoga.
* Yogic food in natural atmosphere with Yogic music.
* Yogic dance and drama.
* Attractive culture programme/instrumental music at Gandhi Thidal,beach     road from 3rd to 7th Jan'07- 6.00p.m onwards.

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