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   There is a huge banyan tree near the village here. The canopy of the 400 year old tree covers a few acres at the very least. This is one of the oldest banyan tree in the whole of South India. Kezhoor is just off the road to Villianur.


     As per Roman records, this coastal town had been a major port in the 1st Century AD. Kelveli tank near here is an important winter refuge for thousands of migratory birds.




   Mandagapattu is home to a 7th Century Cave Temple, which is most probably one of the earliest Pallava shrines discovered in the area. Mandagapattu is located 60 Kms. north-west of puducherry. 2 Kms east of the road leading to Gingee. This 7th Century Cave Temple is comparable to those at Mamallapuram and Trichy.


     For those for an ‘off the beaten track’ experience, Gingee is the ideal place. Located around 68 Kms. from puducherry. Gingee is home to a huge fort complex (stands tall on the 800 ft hill), spread over three hills with the ruins of a place, a temple, a mosque, a granary, an auditorium, stables and even a harem among other structures. Start off early in the morning as the heat will become unbearable once the sun is up. Take stocks of food and enough drinking water.



   Singavaram is about 4 km from Gingee. The temple of Lord Ranganatha, is on top of the hill. This 7th Century Cave Temple is a good specimen of South Indian type of rock-cut-shrine. The idol of Lord Ranganatha in a reclining posture, measures 24 ft in length, it is said to be bigger than the idol in Srirangam


    Located about 16 km from Gingee. Thalavanur is home to the Shatru Malleswaralayam rock cut temple. This temple was built by the Pallava King. This is a fine example of temple architecture built without the use of conventional materials.




   102 Kms. from puducherry, Thiruvannamalai is celebrated for the Arunachala Temple. One of the largest temples in South India, built between the 16th and 17th centuries by the Vijayanagara kings. The main deity here is Siva. The tallest of the gopuram here is over 66 m in height. The 1000 pillared hall and the gopuram have some excellent carvings. Ramana Maharshi Ashram is one of the South India’s most sought after spiritual centers and it is the home of samathi of Sri Ramana Maharishi.


     Located around 75 km west of puducherry on the road from Villupuram to Vettavalam, this village is home to the Talagrishvara Temple. This 8th century shrine belonging to the Pallava period was built entirely out of red granite.




     Vedanthangal is 105 km from puducherry just off the NH to Chennai. Vedanthangal is a bird sanctuary. The sanctuary attracts numerous water fowls and provides their main nesting site. The best season to visit is from November to February. The sanctuary is open from 0600 – 1800 hrs.


     Just 58 kms from puducherry. This is one of the most important temple towns in Tamil Nadu. The Nataraja Temple is famous for its sculptures and massive structure. The Annamalai University here specializes in Tamil Studies and Carnatic music.




      Pichavaram is located 15 km east of Chidambaram. Pichavaram on the mouth of the three rivers is a cluster of over 50 tiny islands amidst hundred of canals in the mangrove forest. Row boats are available on hire. Take a guide along as it easy to get lost in the maze of tunnel like cannals.


      This historically significant town is 88 km from puducherry. This town is home for magnificent ‘Brihadeeshwara temple’ (like the temple in Tanjavur).




     This small village on the mouth of the river Kaveri was one of the major port of the Cholas. Poompuhar has a decent beach.


      Tharangambadi is a coastal town 24 km south of Chidambaram. Interestingly this sleepy little town was an important Danish settlement. The remarkably intact Danesh Fort, which overlooks the sea was built in 1620.




     In and around Karaikal there are many tourist important places, and holy Shiva and Vaishnava temples are situated which are all recorded in the holy books of Nayanmars and Alwars.Many places of interest are in the Karaikal region in the view of tourist and pilgrim.    See More 


      Located around 170 km from puducherry this fishing town was a former Chola Port and a major centre for Buddhism and it served as emporium for textiles and spices.





     176 Km from puducherry, this coastal town is world famous for the tomb of the Muslim Saint Hazrat Miya.


      184 km from puducherry, Velankanni, is a very popular Roman Catholic pilgrimage centre and is home to the imposing Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health.


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